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Sashimi 刺身

只采用挪威空运直飞的新鲜三文鱼,丰富的油脂,高营养价值的omega-3, 给您全家最优质的享受。
We use only Norwegian air-flown fresh Salmon because it is rich in omega-3 that has  high nutritional value to give you the best quality enjoyment for your whole family.

Salmon Sashimi 挪威三文鱼刺身
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只采用挪威空运直飞的新鲜三文鱼,丰富的油脂,高营养价值的omega-3, 给您全家最优质的享受。 Only uses Norwegian air-flown fresh salmon, rich in fat and omega-3 with high nutritional value to give you the best... Full details

Salmon Sashimi 挪威三文鱼刺身

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